Chef Marcantonio Sagramoso

Chef Marcantonio Sagramoso

“I believe it is necessary to have the humility to be ignorant and the pride to be humble”

Count Marcantonio Sagramoso, Chef of the renowned restaurant “Le Cedrare” which he runs with his wife Eleonora, is a culinary professional with an international flavour

A man of great passions, but above all of great perseverance which leads him to make his every desire concrete by transforming it into a project that is always unquestionably perfect in every nuance.

Lover of herbs and spices thanks to the traditions assimilated by his Dutch-born mother.
Inebriated by the fragrances and scents of South-east Asia, he harbors a passion for cooking deep down in his childhood when he loved to play with the pots and pans at home.

Chef Marcantonio Sagramoso: a 10-year long apprenticeship

Our blue-blooded chef soon began a long apprenticeship, first in Italy’s most prestigious kitchens and then abroad.

The apprenticeship will last 10 years, during which his passion for cooking will grow, seeing his wealth of experience in the field become more and more extensive.

Marcantonio gained experience and techniques in kitchens all over the world, and his professional and human qualities finally made his career as a chef take off.

Chef Marcantonio Sagramoso

The Italian National Chefs Team and the Chef Marcantonio Sagramoso’s international experiences

The Italian National Chefs Team and the Chef Marcantonio Sagramoso’s international experiences

His professionalism and technique have led him to juxtapose these 10 years of apprenticeship with his experiences in the NIC (National Italian Chefs’ Team).
This experience will see him participate with as many young colleagues in winning several World Cups and Olympics in Italy and abroad.

Marcantonio Sagramoso’s culinary career takes off thanks to his affability and kindness that embrace great technical professionalism and renewed passion, acquired through experiences accumulated over time that see him as a protagonist in the most renowned international restaurants, hotels and clubs.

Chef Marcantonio Sagramoso: back to his roots

Marcantonio’s journey into international cuisines began in the province of Verona at Chef Fabio Tacchella‘s ‘Antica Pesa’ restaurant. He continued at L’Albereta in Erbusco with Gualtiero Marchesi.

Marcantonio continued his journey alongside Chef Sergio Mei of the Four Seasons in Milan before moving on to the Cip’s Club at the Hotel Cipriani in Venice.
Finally at Krizia’s 5-star Hotel K Club in the Caribbean, Lady Diana’s favourite luxury resort.

His love for his land always brings him back to the historic family Villa Pompei-Perez Sagramoso in Illasi (Verona).

His restaurant ‘Le Cedrare‘ and its culinary tradition are what he takes with him on his travels and will be the only true world cup in anticipation of a future lived fully in love with cooking.