Chef’s cuisine

Chef’s cuisine

Research and innovation, respect for seasonality, attention to detail and raw materials.

Elegant cuisine with a deeply international and personal flavour that blends with the land and its traditions.

Chef Marcantonio Sagramoso, as a representative of sophisticated and innovative cuisine, presents a style which is the result of his experience in international kitchens, of personal research and re-elaboration of traditional cuisine, and characterised by attention to detail, respect for seasonality and the highest quality raw materials.

Chef Marcantonio Sagramoso’s cuisine offers an unforgettable gastronomic and sensory experience.

The restaurant’s menu reveals a focus on Italianness, on the excellence of products and the highest quality raw materials, on the connection with tradition and the local area.o.

With an excellent quality-price ratio, “Le Cedrare” restaurant satisfies the most refined palates, offering its guests the opportunity to discover traditional Verona recipes, unforgettable tasting menus and the Chef’s unique and original creations.

A special focus is on the wine list which consists of a selection of more than 250 labels, to suggest the best match between courses and wines.

Traditional creative cuisine without borders

Traditional creative cuisine without borders

According to Chef Sagramoso, there are no boundaries; he loves to present traditional dishes created with classic ingredients but using modern cooking techniques.
Or even completely renewed, the result of personal reworkings and experiences gained around the world.

Chef Sagramoso creates and explores new techniques and recipes, offering his customers incredible experiences and tasting journeys.

Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes

Le Cedrare restaurant offers its customers the possibility of tasting vegan and vegetarian recipes and dishes, subject to prior notification at the moment of reservation.

Furthermore, by providing advance notice when making a reservation, it is possible to organise and prepare a menu for coeliac guests with completely gluten-free and contamination-free dishes.

Chef’s Patisserie

All pastry dishes are personally created by our chef Marcantonio Sagramoso and his staff.

Home-made bread and oil

The bread we serve to our Guests is freshly baked every day by our Chef and the restaurant’s cooks.
The oil we serve at the table is produced from our own olive trees.