Chef’s philosophy

Chef’s philosophy

“…cooking is like music, just us can set limits where there are none”

The Chef’s style is characterised by continuous and meticulous research, obsessive attention to detail and the use of only seasonal ingredients and highest quality raw materials.

Count Marcantonio Sagramoso, an award-winning and renowned Chef in Italy and abroad, proposes a culinary style which is the result of a personal reworking of traditional cuisine and experience gained in international kitchens.

Marcantonio represents a researched cuisine with an international and personal touch; a cuisine that he defines as “worldly, but with local connotations” that merges with the territory and its traditions.

A culinary journey between fusion and tradition

Thanks to the influences assimilated by his Dutch-born mother, he fascinated by the world of spices and developed an attraction for Southeast Asian herbs, fragrances and ingredients.

In the ten years he has travelled around the world, his culinary fusion contaminations has grown and improved, finding an identity of its own that does not forget its origins.

The culinary traditions he absorbed during his childhood, from Verona and the Veneto land, can still be found clearly in his dishes, but in other shapes.

Marcantonio enjoys creating and executing each of his ideas, far removed from fashions, bringing his guests closer to new taste experiences and the pleasure of perfect results every time.

A total, unconditioned and without limits cuisine

A total, unconditioned and without limits cuisine

Inspired by historical Chefs and innovators such as Ferran, Escoffier, and Bocuse, Chef Sagramoso has developed his own style over time: a mix of refined flavour combinations and high attention to quality, research of raw materials and products seasonality.

The Chef’s cuisine philosophy is therefore aimed at all those who want to enjoy refined and creative dishes, as well as traditional dishes from the Verona area and paired with home-produced wines.

The Chef defines his cuisine as total and unconstrained, different and not conditioned by ancestors, titles and traditions.
He therefore ranges from creative dishes to traditional Valpolicella recipes.

Supreme winner of the episode of 4 Ristoranti in Valpolicella with Alessandro Borghese, Chef Sagramoso gives an interview to Sky TG24 where he explains his idea of cooking:

“I think cooking was invented by human beings in order to satisfy themselves. We all eat, we all have our tastes, we all taste something that is technically wrong, but we like it because it brings back a memory.
So I don’t set ‘limits’ in the kitchen and I don’t set any for myself either. I seek the joy of the palate and to achieve it I keep trying and trying different things or classic recipes with modern techniques.
…cooking is like music: only us can set limits where there are none.
I have never been rational in that but, as you know, cooks are very different characters with many facets and legacies”